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New This Week in PubMed

New This Week in PubMed

New in PubMed from ECCPS Faculty:



  1. Hempel F, Roderfeld M, Savai R, Sydykov A, Irungbam K, Schermuly R, Voswinckel R, Kohler K, Churin Y, Kiss L, Bier J, Pons-Kuhnemann J and Roeb E. Depletion of Bone Marrow-Derived Fibrocytes Attenuates TAA-Induced Liver Fibrosis in Mice. Cells. 2019;8.

  2. Kim WK, Liebetrau C, Fischer-Rasokat U, Renker M, Rolf A, Doss M, Mollmann H, Nef H, Walther T and Hamm CW. Challenges of recognizing bicuspid aortic valve in elderly patients undergoing TAVR. Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2019.

  3. Lignelli E, Palumbo F, Myti D and Morty RE. Recent advances in our understanding of the mechanisms of lung alveolarization and bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2019.

  4. Meyer N, Zielke S, Michaelis JB, Linder B, Warnsmann V, Rakel S, Osiewacz HD, Fulda S, Mittelbronn M, Munch C, Behrends C and Kogel D. AT 101 induces early mitochondrial dysfunction and HMOX1 (heme oxygenase 1) to trigger mitophagic cell death in glioma cells. Autophagy. 2018;14:1693-1709.

  5. Mullapudi ST, Boezio GLM, Rossi A, Marass M, Matsuoka RL, Matsuda H, Helker CSM, Yang YHC and Stainier DYR. Disruption of the pancreatic vasculature in zebrafish affects islet architecture and function. Development. 2019.

  6. Richter MJ, Wan J, Ghofrani HA, Seeger W, Gall H, Rieth A and Tello K. Acute response to rapid iloprost inhalation using the Breelib nebulizer in pulmonary arterial hypertension: the Breelib acute study. Pulm Circ. 2019;9:2045894019875342.

  7. Segarra M, Aburto MR, Hefendehl J and Acker-Palmer A. Neurovascular Interactions in the Nervous System. Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol. 2019;35:615-635.

  8. Wang M, Hou J, Muller-Mcnicoll M, Chen W and Schuman EM. Long and Repeat-Rich Intronic Sequences Favor Circular RNA Formation under Conditions of Reduced Spliceosome Activity. iScience. 2019;20:237-247.


  1. Astakhova A, Chistyakov D, Thomas D, Geisslinger G, Brune B, Sergeeva M and Namgaladze D. Inhibitors of Oxidative Phosphorylation Modulate Astrocyte Inflammatory Responses through AMPK-Dependent Ptgs2 mRNA Stabilization. Cells. 2019;8.

  2. Di Liddo A, De Oliveira Freitas Machado C, Fischer S, Ebersberger S, Heumuller AW, Weigand JE, Muller-Mcnicoll M and Zarnack K. A combined computational pipeline to detect circular RNAs in human cancer cells under hypoxic stress. J Mol Cell Biol. 2019.

  3. Lanz J, Kim WK, Walther T, Burgdorf C, Mollmann H, Linke A, Redwood S, Thilo C, Hilker M, Joner M, Thiele H, Conzelmann L, Conradi L, Kerber S, Schymik G, Prendergast B, Husser O, Stortecky S, Heg D, Juni P, Windecker S and Pilgrim T. Safety and efficacy of a self-expanding versus a balloon-expandable bioprosthesis for transcatheter aortic valve replacement in patients with symptomatic severe aortic stenosis: a randomised non-inferiority trial. Lancet. 2019.

  4. Mollmann H, Husser O, Blumenstein J, Liebetrau C, Dorr O, Kim WK, Nef H, Tesche C, Hamm CW, Elsasser A, Achenbach S and Gaede L. Lower mortality in an all-comers aortic stenosis population treated with TAVI in comparison to SAVR. Clin Res Cardiol. 2019.

  5. Sakaguchi T, Takefuji M, Wettschureck N, Hamaguchi T, Amano M, Kato K, Tsuda T, Eguchi S, Ishihama S, Mori Y, Yura Y, Yoshida T, Unno K, Okumura T, Ishii H, Shimizu Y, Bando YK, Ohashi K, Ouchi N, Enomoto A, Offermanns S, Kaibuchi K and Murohara T. Protein Kinase N Promotes Stress-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction Through Phosphorylation of Myocardin-Related Transcription Factor A and Disruption of its Interaction with Actin. Circulation. 2019.

  6. Schmoldt C, Vazquez-Armendariz AI, Shalashova I, Selvakumar B, Bremer CM, Peteranderl C, Wasnick R, Witte B, Gattenlohner S, Fink L, Vadasz I, Morty RE, Pleschka S, Seeger W, Gunther A and Herold S. IRE1 Signaling As a Putative Therapeutic Target in Influenza Virus-induced Pneumonia. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2019;61:537-540.

  7. Suarez C, Ratering S, Hain T, Fritzenwanker M, Goesmann A, Blom J, Chakraborty T, Bunk B, Sproer C, Overmann J and Schnell S. Complete Genome Sequence of the Plant Growth-Promoting Bacterium Hartmannibacter diazotrophicus Strain E19(T). Int J Genomics. 2019;2019:7586430.