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Platform C. Education

Platform C Education and Training

Platform Coordinators

Prof. Dr. Dieter Steinhilber

  • Institute for Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Goethe-University Frankfurt
    Max-von Laue Str.
    960439 Frankfurt/Main
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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kummer

  • Institute for Anatomy and Cell Biology
  • Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
    Aulweg 123
    35392 Giessen
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PhD Training

Funded Integrated Research Training Groups:

  • IRTG 834 „Endothelial Signalling and Vascular Repair” (Frankfurt)
  • IRTG TR 23 „Vascular differentiation and remodelling” (Frankfurt/Heidelberg/Mannheim)
  • IRTG 1566 „Protecting the Heart from Ischemia” (Giessen/Barcelona) - PROMISE
  • IMPRS-HLR „International Max Planck Research School for Heart and Lung Research” (Bad Nauheim, Giessen, Frankfurt)

Other International Training Groups:

Postdoc Training

While substantial effort has been placed on PhD education nationwide, the continued training of post-doctoral basic scientists and clinician scientists has been largely neglected. The ECCPS faculty recognises the urgent need to provide refresher and advanced courses in fields relevant to cardio-pulmonary physiology and pathophysiology for our PhDs and research active MDs. To thisend, a major Focus of the ECCPS is the establishment of an ECCPS Academy. This will provide the framework for continued biomedical education of the junior ECCPS scientists and will help to shape their career development. As an umbrella, it will link our MD/PhDtraining programmes with a coordinated advanced education programme, and provide financial support for young scientists working on collaborative projects within the ECCPS. In addition to the IRTG activities, it will encompass specialised courses, so-called „Master classes”, junior symposia, career development training and mentoring programmes.