Participating Institutions and Cooperation Partners

Institutes and Institutions of the Host Universities Location
Medical Clinic I (Cardiology, Angiology) JLU Giessen
Institute for Pathology JLU Giessen
Medical Clinic II (Pneumology, Infectious Diseases) JLU Giessen
Institute for Medical Microbiology JLU Giessen
Dept. of General and Thoracic Surgery JLU Giessen
Medical Clinic IV (Haematology) JLU Giessen
Medical Clinic V (Oncology) JLU Giessen
Institute for Clinical Immunology & Transfusion Medicine JLU Giessen
Biochemical Institute (Medicine) JLU Giessen
Rudolf-Buchheim-Institute for Pharmacology JLU Giessen
Institute for Anatomy and Cell Biology JLU Giessen
Institute for Biochemistry (Biology) JLU Giessen
Institute for Physiology JLU Giessen
Institute for Genetics JLU Giessen
Institute of Cell Biology and Neuroscience GU Frankfurt
Medical Clinic III GU Frankfurt
Institute for Cardiovascular Physiology GU Frankfurt
Institute for Cardiovascular Regeneration GU Frankfurt
Institute for Vascular Signalling GU Frankfurt
Institute of Biochemistry I & II GU Frankfurt
Institute of Pharmacology & Toxicology GU Frankfurt
Institute for Clinical Pharmacology GU Frankfurt
Institute for Transfusion Medicine & Haematology GU Frankfurt
Insitute of Neurology GU Frankfurt
Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry GU Frankfurt
Clinic for Anaesthesia, Intensive Care & Pain Therapy GU Frankfurt
Medical Clinic II/ Molecular Haematology GU Frankfurt
Institutes of Non-university Institutions Location
Dept. Cardiac Developmnet & Remodelling MPI-BN
Dept. Pharmacology MPI-BN
Dept. Lung Development & Remodelling MPI-BN
Kerckhoff Clinic MPI-BN
Cooperation Partners Location
Imperial College London London, UK
University of Cambridge Cambridge. UK
Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI) Bridge Canterbury, Kent University, UK
University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, US
Bayer HealthCare Wuppertal, Germany
Pfizer Inc Sandwich, UK